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Based in Denver, Colorado, Jitter Java Coffee is in constant pursuit of serving tasty coffee and making happy people. To accomplish both of those goals, Jitter Java Coffee strives to be a socially conscious business that invests in people and seeks out collaboration, both locally and globally.

What does that mean? As it pertains to coffee, we are committed to building a sustainable business that prioritizes working with smallholder farms and coffee co-ops. More generally, we seek to be a responsible business that actively supports local and global NGO’s and community-based organizations that support those who needs it the most, both within & beyond the coffee industry.


Hand Roasted At Altitude

Jitter Java Coffee uses 100% Arabica coffee beans for
each roast, sourced from around the globe. The
beans are slow roasted weekly in smaller batches,
the key to success in Denver’s high altitude. Our
roasting team then makes sure the coffee cools
slowly and evenly, achieving the signature, smooth
taste. Our roasting team taste-tests every batch of
coffee we make sure the quality is perfect, each and
every time!

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Did you know that our roasters taste every batch of coffee that we roast?We taste every cup to make sure that we have consistent delicious cups of coffee that meets our taste standards.If it passes the test, we freshly package it and get it ready for you.No matter if you like your coffee sweet and flavored like Hazelnut or French Vanilla, or dark and robust like our legendary Rocky Mountain, we have a roast for you. Jitter Java Coffee is perfect in the morning, in the afternoon – really any time of day (however we’re quite biased).